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The Struggle Continues . . .

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Thursday, April 21st

at 7 PM

Paolo Bacigalupi

The Water Knife



Tuesday, May 3rd

at 7 PM

Camille Perri

The Assistants



Winner of the 2016

Pulitzer Prize!

Monday, May 23rd

at 7 PM

William Finnegan

Barbarian Days



Tuesday, May 24th

at 7 PM

C.W.  Gortner



Thursday, June 23rd

at 7 PM

Thad Carhart

Finding Fontainebleau

An American Boy In France


Tuesday, June 28

at 7 PM

Mary Roach

The Curious Science of Humans At War


Tuesday, August 2

at 7 PM

Lindsay Hatton

Monterey Bay


Thursday, August 11

at  7 PM

Lori Ostlund

After the Parade



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