Dust: A Richard Jury Mystery (Hardcover)

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Coming in January--Richard Jury returns to the back streets and back rooms of London in The New York Times bestselling series

When an old friend pulls Richard Jury into the investigation of a wealthy bachelor's murder, Jury's not sure what's more perplexing: the circumstances of the fellow's death, the conflicted stories of the man's past, or the motivations of the case's lead detective--the beautiful and forbidding Lu Aguilar. What Jury is sure of is that he's in over his head, both with the inscrutable and challenging Aguilar and the false leads surrounding the once-charismatic Billy Maples, last seen in a club named Dust.

A web of clues draws Jury to the trendy Clerkenwell galleries, clubs, and hotels, to the dark stories behind Maples's family, and to the Sussex town of Rye, where Billy had temporarily taken up the tenancy of Lamb House, the charming home where Henry James composed his three masterworks . . . and a place with secrets of its own. With Melrose Plant investigating Lamb House, Aguilar interceding, and the appearance of Maples's mysterious young nephew, Scotland Yard's finest--and now infamous--will need every bit of his intelligence and quiet charm to crack the case.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780670037865
Publisher: Viking Adult
Publication Date: January 16th, 2007
Pages: 352