Solving Climate Change (Hardcover)

Solving Climate Change By Jonathan Koomey, Ian Monroe Cover Image
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This book frames the climate problem in a comprehensive way and cuts through common conceptual confusions that impede rapid action.

The first chapter describes the history, nature, and scope of the climate problem. The second chapter describes how to stabilize the climate by ending fossil fuels, minimizing non-fossil emissions, and creating a climate-positive biosphere.

The authors identify five technical pillars of climate action needed to stabilize the climate, each of which gets its own chapter. These include electrifying (almost) everything, decarbonizing the electricity grid, minimizing non-fossil emissions, promoting efficiency and optimization, and removing carbon from the atmosphere. The book then moves beyond the narrow technical and policy focus of most previous climate solutions work by detailing three more "institutional" pillars that require action: aligning incentives, mobilizing money, and elevating truth.

Key Features:

  • Teaches methods for assessing the potential for emissions reductions at the government, company, funder, and individual citizen levels.

  • Provides the reader with a quantitative sense of the massive scope and rapid rate of change needed to truly meet the climate challenge while simultaneously providing realistic and actionable solutions.

  • Summarizes evidence-based advice from two experts on creating zero emissions and net climate-positive systems and institutions.

  • Trains the reader to separate fact from fiction when analysing climate solutions and provides realistic paths towards climate progress for a wide range of decision-makers.

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ISBN: 9780750340304
ISBN-10: 0750340304
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: December 22nd, 2022
Pages: 350
Language: English