Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. (Paperback)

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No matter where the watch hands turn, she'd rather remain home. But with every time-traveling trekker's life at stake, can she stop a deadly clock?

Wilda Firestone survives off black coffee and white-hot sarcasm. And despite the colorful slew of characters filing through her time tourism costume shop, the retired First Nations Temporal Agent would prefer a quiet, more linear existence. So she's less than impressed when a dying explorer crashes into her store, unleashing a plague that sends countless travelers to an early doom...

Knowing her own lengthy history of chronological excursions grants her some immunity, Wilda vows to jump back in the saddle and seek out answers. But as she retraces the dead man's steps from 14th century Mali and into 12th century Scotland and beyond, she's dumbfounded by whatever force reduced an entire village to blood.

Can Wilda stamp out the root of the sickness before she too succumbs?

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. is the intriguing first book in the Toronto Time Agents science fiction series. If you like feisty heroines, beautiful landscapes, and astounding adventures, then you'll love C. N. Jackson's explosive tale.

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ISBN: 9780979819742
ISBN-10: 0979819741
Publisher: Green Dragon Publishing
Publication Date: August 5th, 2019
Pages: 318
Language: English