Holy Ghost Power: The Third Person of the Trinity (Paperback)

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Understanding what the Holy Spirit does in one's life is compelling. Having the gift of the Holy Spirit marks one as belonging to the Most High. The Holy Spirit is Christ living within us, thus, giving us power to live transformed holy and righteous lives. Eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard the things the Church can do if they'd use the Holy Ghost's power collectively.

Apostle John shares a riveting story of events leading up to coming of the Holy Spirit and his dynamic and powerful entrance into the hearts of those who believed. The apostle tells how it was the plan of God to manifest Christ in believers through the power of his resurrection.

John traces the power and moving of the Holy Spirit in his own life, how he was born in sin and, thus, subjected to its power and that he needed a greater power to release him from the prison of sin.

He leads us to the Roman Empire who dared to say that they are all powerful with reigning authority over all land and humanity with its deified Caesars serving as gods. The display of God's sovereignty proved that the Holy Ghost's power supersedes the false power of Rome and its Caesars.

The footsteps of Jesus rumbles across the pages as John reminds his audience of Jesus's departure as comforter and how another Comforter would come and continue the work of salvation.

So profound is this plan of eternal salvation, the saints awesome inspired testimonies poured from their hearts with such warmth and gladness.

Apostle John journeys to Pentecost to speak of the great advent of the Holy Ghost as promised by Jesus. Cloven tongues like fire entered an Upper Room and sealed all the believers with the presence of Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit's power was demonstrated in such a way that it left no doubt that this he that is, was, and who was to come. The Power did not tarry in his coming and his presence forever.

He deals with the Holy Ghost's working in the lives of the chosen and within the body of Christ with such force and power.

Finally John reminisces on the attributes of the person of the Spirit and how he is one with the Father and the Son.

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