Selena and the Hourglass of Time (Paperback)

Selena and the Hourglass of Time By Angelique S. Anderson Cover Image
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Spunky Selena desperately wants to escape the underground bunker she lives in. Her only hope is an island across the water, where an airship awaits any humans who can survive to reach it.

A chance encounter with a magical stranger who makes Selena question everything she believes will guide her to what can stop the evil statuesque creatures. Excited to fulfill her destiny, a sudden loss almost stops her from facing the challenges to come and accepting the adventure that awaits.

In a tail of time-travel and magic, mermaids and beasts, will Selena be able to fulfill her destiny in time and save what is left of humanity?
Product Details
ISBN: 9781393038894
ISBN-10: 1393038891
Publisher: Angelique S. Anderson
Publication Date: August 30th, 2020
Pages: 228
Language: English