Bright Moon Wandering: Environmental Love Poetry (Paperback)

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Just as we develop a mature sense of self as we become adults, now is a good time to think about our sense of ourselves as shared inhabitants of a beautiful earth and a dazzling universe. How do we fit in? How should we? What is our place? Do we stand above and separate from animals and plants? Or are we linked together in the web of life? Bright Moon Wandering, Environmental Love Poetry, explores these questions from complementary perspectives. Themes include voices of humans and animals; earth's wild heart enfolding us; the blessing of loved ones; glories of the universe; changing seasons in our lives; the pleasure of haiku; the alien strangeness of political life; the joys and laughter all around. Readers are likely to have an interest in and love for nature and the environment, and a concern for both. Any poetry dealing with our earth and its beauties, and the surrounding universe, touches on the magical. Come join the quest.

About the Author

Monica Glickman is an attorney, historian, musician, and poet. She has written three books: Songs for a Beloved Friend, Poems and Essays for the Planet, published in 2010; Wild Wolf Encounters, True Stories of Wolves in the Wild, with pictures, poems, and links to videos, published in 2012; and Bright Moon Wandering, Environmental Love Poetry, published in 2016. Monica also communicates by blog at Sweet Planet Poems and would enjoy hearing from you.
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ISBN: 9781523953004
ISBN-10: 1523953004
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 20th, 2016
Pages: 126
Language: English