Everyday Ayurveda for Women's Health: Traditional Wisdom, Recipes, and Remedies for Optimal Wellness, Hormone Balance, and Living Radiantly (Hardcover)

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Everyday Ayurveda for Women's Health: Traditional Wisdom, Recipes, and Remedies for Optimal Wellness, Hormone Balance,  and Living Radiantly By Kate O'Donnell, Cara Brostrom (Photographs by) Cover Image
By Kate O'Donnell, Cara Brostrom (Photographs by)
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Find a deeper sense of wellness fueled by self-care, nurturing routines, healing foods, and herbal remedies—for women of any age.

Learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic living through 60+ recipes and practices, including 50+ photos.

The ancient science of Ayurveda brings us back into relationship with the rhythms of our lives, streamlining our daily habits and attuning our activities by time of day and seasons. Everyday Ayurveda for Women's Health delivers insights into personal health, hormonal balance, and connection to nature, all from the simplest practices: what we eat. 

Food and herbs are medicine for body, mind, and soul. Kate O'Donnell empowers women of any age to become intimate with their body, how it works, how it changes over time, and how to listen to its messages. Her practical guide will inspire you to experience radiant health from the inside out. 

With Everyday Ayurveda for Women’s Health you can:  

  • Reclaim your health by adopting a more healing diet

  • Balance your hormones by choosing foods, herbs, and healing practices that are right for your constitution—60+ recipes, including herbal ghees, shatavari, beneficial oils, and more 

  • Become more luminous and empowered with divine feminine and lunar energy, the subtle body, and more  

  • Understand your current season of life—whether it involves menstruation, pregnancy, infertility, perimenopause, or menopause

The traditional Ayurveda wisdom in this book is accessible for all and will help you navigate any stage of life with grace.

About the Author

KATE O’DONNELL has spent more than twenty-five years traveling through India in search of ancient, time-tested, healing practices to bring back to the United States. Through her own healing journey, Kate experienced firsthand how a holistic system creates lasting health. She has since emerged as a preeminent expert in Ayurveda—the sister science to Yoga—and has built her own curriculum customized for modern Americans. Her individualized approach, “guiding from disease to ease,” has transformed the lives of thousands of people and made her a respected thought-leader in holistic medicine. Kate’s best-selling books, published in seven languages, continue to be the top resources in the field of Ayurveda. As a highly sought-after speaker and the founder of the Ayurvedic Living Institute, she has educated a generation of practitioners.

Praise For…

“With Everyday Ayurveda for Women’s Health, Kate continues to beautifully articulate a modern, accessible vision of Ayurveda for Westerners. This book is a gem for women of all ages.”
Scott Blossom, founder of Doctor Blossom
Everyday Ayurveda for Women’s Health is a transformative journey into self-care, healing foods, and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Kate O’Donnell’s nurturing recipes and practices, paired with her deep insights into hormonal balance and the rhythms of life, empower women of all ages to embrace radiant health from the inside out.”
Nicole Jardim, certified women’s health coach & author of Fix Your Period

“Kate’s new book offers the Ayurvedic perspective on female hormones in a fresh, comprehensible, and holistic way. Not only that, she really covers all aspects of a woman’s life and body through the blooming and aging years. The book is a true gift to any woman who wants to access Ayurveda easily. Thank you, Kate!”
Nidhi Pandya, Ayurvedic doctor and teacher

“At last, the long-awaited resource that all women need to navigate life’s transitions with grace and ease. Kate’s Everyday Ayurveda for Women’s Health offers a comprehensive yet approachable guide to understanding the seasons and cycles of a woman’s life. Weaving together digestible information, attainable lifestyle practices, and delightful recipes, you can jump into this knowledge at any stage of life and find powerful benefits. Through this wisdom applied, you may even find liberation.”
Claire Ragozzino, author of Living Ayurveda

“Yoga and Ayurveda are sister schools of healing and offer insights into health, harmony, and balance. Kate O’Donnell’s new book, Everyday Ayurveda for Women’s Health, presents the traditional teachings of Ayurveda in an accessible and practical way for women of all ages. Her presentation is engaging and informative and a great tool for everyone to understand the benefits of Ayurveda.”
Kino MacGregor, author of The Power of Ashtanga Yoga
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ISBN: 9781645471684
ISBN-10: 1645471683
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 368
Language: English