Do the Math!: Challenging, Fun Math Puzzles for Kids (Paperback)

Do the Math!: Challenging, Fun Math Puzzles for Kids By Steven Clontz, Jessica Clontz Cover Image
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Brain-boosting math puzzles for kids ages 8-12

Learning math is a blast with this awesome collection of interactive activities! Whether it's a cunning cryptogram waiting to be decoded or some sudoku that needs to be solved, these clever challenges will teach kids just how awesome and engaging math can be.

Over the course of more than 100 math puzzles for kids ages 8-12, young learners will add, subtract, multiply, divide, and logic their way to the solutions for these mathematical marvels. They'll build the core math skills needed to succeed in school and beyond—while having tons of fun!

This collection of math puzzles for kids ages 8-12 features:
  • Different puzzle types—Kids will explore math from every angle with patterns, logic puzzles, sudoku, cryptograms, and more.
  • Progressive challenges—Each chapter focuses on one type of puzzle, starting simple and getting harder as they go, helping kids avoid frustration and see how far they've come.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions—Short and simple instructions make sure the only tough part of these math puzzles for kids ages 8-12 is figuring out the answer.

Help kids build logical thinking skills with these amazing math puzzles for kids ages 8-12.

About the Author

STEVEN CLONTZ is the author of Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults. In addition to serving as one of the directors of Mathematical Puzzle Programs (, his puzzles have been featured at the National Museum of Mathematics in New York and other venues across the world. Follow Steven on Twitter @StevenXClontz.

JESSICA CLONTZ is an elementary school library media specialist. She earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, as well as two Master of Education degrees from Auburn University. Jessica enjoys solving puzzles and often incorporates them into her teaching.

Praise For…

“I’ve been a fan of mathematical and logic puzzles since I was in middle school. This book contains problems that I would have enjoyed when I was 8 years old and that I still enjoy decades later. While many books claim to be ‘for all levels,’ the puzzles in this book really are. The warm-up problems provide great introductions; subsequent problems present ever more difficult and intriguing challenges. I appreciate the variety of puzzles and the color coding on the edges of pages, so I can easily flip to sections with my favorite types of problems. Warning: These puzzles are addictive and by solving them, you may notice patterns and absorb some non-trivial mathematics.” —Nancy Blachman, founder of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Do the Math! features a great combination of new and classic puzzles that are well-designed and appropriately scaffolded. This book is a must-read for math-loving kids and teachers or parents who are looking to encourage creative problem-solving skills. As a teacher who regularly uses puzzles in the classroom, I wish my students came to me with experience solving the types of puzzles featured in this book.” —Sarah Carter, high school math teacher and author of Math = Love (

“My kids loved it. They immediately asked me to make some copies so that they could each work on the problems independently. Their favorite section was Intriguing Enigmas, where the authors reinforce that math is about investigation and exploration, not ‘memorizing formulas or following examples.’” —PJ Couch, associate professor and director of Mathematical Puzzle Programs

“With its variety of mathematical puzzles, Do The Math! is intriguing for puzzlers of many ages. My 8-year-old loved the sequence problems, although she stuck with addition and subtraction, leaving the lattice logic puzzles to be devoured by my 13-year-old. I plan to offer the remaining sections of this book on some of the long car trips we're planning to take this summer!” —Emma Zbarsky, parent and math educator

Do The Math! is an excellent book, providing fun, interesting problems for children but can be enjoyed by learners of all ages! By beginning with simple puzzles that gradually grow in complexity, this book guides the reader through surprisingly deep ideas, all while being engaging and inviting. There are a variety of activities, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Do The Math! is a must-have for any young learner, teacher, or parent looking for an entryway into mathematics!” —Tien Chih, assistant professor of mathematics, SIGMAA-MCST program coordinator
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