A Better YOU! (Paperback)

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In this real life story, of a woman who seen nothing but the best in others had soon realized that the world wasn't all that glittered and glowed. She faced many challenges and battles that she fought with others, mainly herself and entities of those she didn't even know existed. Having to encourage herself on a daily just to pull herself out of the bed was one of the hardest things she had to do, it felt as if she was under a spiritual attack and she didn't know how to face it or fight it and that is where she became a lot closer to her spirituality and learned that all the love and caring things she poured into others she needed to give to herself, she realized that she gave so much she began to forget about herself. Her spirituality helped and showed her how to love herself and why it was so important to do so and through her daily words of wisdom and encouragement and loving herself is where she found her strength again, her strength to fight, her strength to fulfill her life's purpose. Cherie Owens Author of "A Better You", wears many different hats when it comes to her profession. She is a healthcare worker as well as a spiritual guidance advisor. While she has faced many challenges in her life she refused to give up and rose like the phoenix from the ashes that tried to smother her. It wasn't easy pulling herself out of the dark and back to love and light but she made it a point every day to encourage and push herself the same way she would do for others she cared for dearly, she found her strength at her weakest moments and that's what makes her so great, she has a child like spirit that helps her soar to her highest purpose; skating, dancing, nurturing and family oriented and she will forever be determined to succeed.
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ISBN: 9781662846748
ISBN-10: 1662846746
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 46
Language: English