Reflections From the Home Team... Reframing the Curveballs Life Pitches Our Way! (Paperback)

Reflections From the Home Team... Reframing the Curveballs Life Pitches Our Way! By David Welter Cover Image
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Reframing the Curveballs Life Pitches Our Way includes reflections from the author that share an encouraging attitude, a spiritual insight, and a step to consider at the end of each reflection. The author's thoughts are frequently blended with baseball analogies and metaphors. Life's challenges are not easy, just as baseball is not always easy. Life truly is like a baseball game...when you think a fastball is coming, you have to be ready to hit the curve As a cancer survivor, the author shares "I've done a LOT of adjusting with my mindset over the years. I do know that when we encounter the often-monumental challenges that change can bring in our lives, no one can walk that path for us, but they can certainly walk it with us." This book offers hope, by encouraging you to stay at it, whatever that "it" may be in your life. By choosing to do some 'reframing' with your mindset, you will be abundantly fulfilled. The process is worth it The game of baseball provides many lessons about success and failure, and those lessons can so often be applied in our life journeys. This book focuses on those lessons and can be used as a daily reflection to find a way forward, one step at a time whenever you may feel discouraged or need a boost. A reminder that so often in life, the difference between success and failure is belief, and so often someone who encouraged us instills that belief in us... Be an ENCOURAGER To find out more about the Reflections from the Home Team book series, visit our website at:
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ISBN: 9781662854309
ISBN-10: 1662854307
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 29th, 2022
Pages: 370
Language: English