Fast Forward into Freedom: A wholistic journey spirit, soul and body (FREEDOM-HEALING & WHOLENESS #3) (Paperback)

Fast Forward into Freedom: A wholistic journey spirit, soul and body (FREEDOM-HEALING & WHOLENESS #3) By Jan Schaffner Cover Image
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Fast Forward into Freedom Vol #3 is a wholistic guide on how to become the best version of you. It will take you on a journey of freedom impacting your spirit, soul and body.

The first two books in this series are focused on how to step into true freedom in your soul and your spirit. This book connects all the pieces together to bring authentic wholeness to empower your body into freedom.

It will take all 3 dimensions working together in unity to bring wholeness to your life. This series will help you to become completely "unsabatoged"! It will expose every lie and bring the TRUTH that will set you free!

About the Author

Jan is a FREEDOM FIGHTER and Kingdom of God discipler, equipper and trainer. She has a passion to see the body of Christ ARISE and SHINE. She has written 3 books in a Freedom series that will empower people to step into their truest identities to fulfill their God-given destinies.
Stand Firm to be Free Volume I, is how to step into freedom and how to maintain it.
Redeemed for Freedom (Volume II) is a guidebook on activating your freedom. Fast Forward into Freedom (Volume III) is Jan's personal testimony of redemption, healing and transformation.
Currently she is helping lead an Apostolic Resource Freedom Center in Salem, OR. She is helping Kingdom Freedom Fighters to ARISE by…
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ISBN: 9781667879727
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Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: February 9th, 2023
Pages: 82
Language: English