Unruly! A Weird And Wild History Of Weeds In America (Hardcover)

Unruly! A Weird And Wild History Of Weeds In America Cover Image
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"Oh, how did you get in here?"

It's a phrase grumbled by generations of gardeners, directed at generations of weeds (among some choice words of the $*%$ variety). This is the book that aims to answer every gardener's irritable question with good humor, good sense, and a grudging respect for the invasive weeds of America. In these fully illustrated pages, the histories of twenty-nine invasive weeds that are among the most ubiquitous, or the most dangerous invaders of the United States are discussed in carefully researched detail. Find out why European settlers brought dandelions to America, and how kudzu was introduced as an ornamental. The States Present and States Impacted sections included in each entry will enrich your understanding of problematic plants through maps and details drawn from ecology, agriculture, and botany. The common-sense control methods section will help you deal with the troublemakers on properties large and small.

Explore the histories of American invasive weeds in all their cussed, crafty, and cantankerous glory.

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ISBN: 9781734327151
ISBN-10: 1734327154
Publisher: Leafing Out Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2021
Pages: 290
Language: English