The Blue Knight (Paperback)

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Lionel had never gotten along with his father, Sir Alex of Scotsbane. The man had spent all of Lionel's childhood making his son feel inadequate so as soon as Lionel could secure a position in Camelot he left, never intending to return. His departure meant that his younger sister, Fiona, would be alone with their father. He thought she would be safe for a few years.

He was wrong.

When his father's health began to fail a letter summoning him back to Scotsbane was delivered. Once home Lionel is told that he must choose a bride and get married or his father would force Fiona to marry and would leave the entire estate to her husband instead of Lionel.

Lilith had wonderful daughter, a stubborn sense of pride and was fiercely independent. She did not want a husband, only a new start to life when Fiona left with her brother.

She was everything that Lionel needed in a bride, he simply had to convince her that he was a better man than the one who loved her and left her pregnant to face the world alone.

When the local priests join forces with Moira, Lionel's former lover, Lionel might lose everything if he cannot convince Lilith that he is a better man than he is accused of being.

After a lifetime of being labeled a disappointment can Lionel finally measure up?

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ISBN: 9781777574352
ISBN-10: 1777574358
Publisher: M Francis Lamont
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
Pages: 136
Language: English