Raid of the Wolves (Paperback)

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The only thing that kept him going were the voices of his ancestors, screaming for blood...

Ulf and his shield brothers are sent on a raid against an old enemy - Francia, a mighty kingdom to the south, now ravaged by civil war. During the perilous sea voyage, Ulf can only focus on one thing. He demands closure: to find the man who slaughtered his family - Griml.

A hidden enemy stalks Ulf and his warriors through Francia, striking mercilessly when they least expect it. Soon the hunters become the hunted. The Norse warriors must make the ultimate choice between defying the king or angering the gods. Both could end in fury.

But there is another threat lurking in the shadows. One that Ulf could never anticipate.

Ulf is not the only one who wants vengeance.

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ISBN: 9781838300821
ISBN-10: 1838300821
Publisher: Donovan Cook
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 362
Language: English