Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War - Enhanced Edition (Paperback)

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As weaponry and warfare have become more sophisticated, so their long-term effects have become more insidious and deadly. Whilst it is easy to identify the visible aftermath of war, how can we gauge less obvious costs such as poverty, famine, environmental problems and civil unrest? Each year governments pump huge amounts of money into military research programs but what do we really know about the long-term consequences?

In Planet Earth, Rosalie Bertell proposes that the key to understanding the impact of future wars lies in a close analysis of the past. She shows how the quest for military power has destabilized the delicate natural balance of the Earth's ecosystem, causing widespread devastation in environmental, economic and social terms and calls for a new approach to security, which rises above national agendas to seek global solutions to a global problem.

"I hope this book will give readers some inspiration as to how they might become involved in helping our planet evolve to its full potential. Despite years of abuse, it is still an amazing and beautiful creation. It deserves our best efforts. Enjoy it, love it, and save it "

Rosalie Bertell

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ISBN: 9781913191061
ISBN-10: 1913191060
Publisher: Talma Studios International
Publication Date: July 4th, 2020
Pages: 298
Language: English