The Truth of Trauma: Only the truth will set you free (Paperback)

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It was her own pain that set her free, in which Yuos'sima Dineen truly discovered that her pain was never out to hurt her, but rather it was to awaken her to the truth within. In this book Yuos'sima unveils not only how her trauma came to set her free, but also how she came to become an embodiment of love within.

If you have been through trauma or an experience in your life that has shook you to your core, then this book is a must read.

Not only will you be supporting yourself of healing unhealed trauma, but 20% of all book profits go to Federal organisation Women's Aid.

On this journey of self discovery; you will come to understand not only why you have experienced so much pain in your life but also how you can claim the gifts within, for it is our life mission to wake up who we are, in knowing we are and always have been love. Only then can we fulfil our true soul mission, from a space of heaven within.

If you are ready to embark on this epic adventure, then you will be supported in doing so throughout this book, in which accredited Spiritual Life Coach Yuos'sima, will not only take you through the steps she took, to set herself free but you will also be supported in awakening to your true soul mission within.

About the Author

In this book, the author Yuos'sima Dineen vulnerably shares her truth of how her own trauma came to set her free, in which she tells the miraculous fate of how a path of self destruction led her to where she was meant to be, home to love within. She has endured fates that no soul should have to endure, however not only did she confront it, but she managed to transform herself within it, in knowing her pain was never out to hurt her but rather to enlighten her, as to who she was destined to be and that is what she wants for you as the reader, so that you are no longer afraid of your trauma but instead you are claiming the gifts within.


This book is In direct collaboration with Yuos'simas #PowerJournal, which has been created to help you overcome life's challenges that will be served to you, when you awaken to the mission within.

For your destiny, can not be found outside of you, it can only be tapped into within you.

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Within this book

On this journey not only will you gain a deeper insight into what you have been through, but you will also be shown how to clear the cycle of trauma within. It is are mission, at The Trauma Sanctuary, to prevent other souls like you, from repeating the cycle, by coming home to love.

"For if we escape, we re-create."

So if are you ready to break free, then this is for you, in which it would be an honour to support you on your journey home to love.

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ISBN: 9781914288142
ISBN-10: 1914288149
Publisher: Truth of Trauma Sanctuary
Publication Date: April 26th, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English