Beasts of War: A Retelling of the Old English Judith (Paperback)

Beasts of War: A Retelling of the Old English Judith By Sarah E. Zilkowski Cover Image
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Few people in life are lucky enough to fulfill their destiny. And even fewer have the privilege of recognizing it as it happens.

An evil warlord is wreaking havoc across England. His trail of destruction razes the land and decimates people left and right.

He must be stopped. At all costs.

When young Judith is recruited to vanquish him, she uses her beauty and her charm to get close.

But once he's within her reach, all is not as it seems.

His magnetism and alluring promises weaken her. And she begins to question whether she's on the right side of this war.

If she is to escape his pull and save her people from his sinister plans, she'll need true love and unfaltering friendship to do it.

And a little touch of fate wouldn't hurt either. . .

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ISBN: 9781950043392
ISBN-10: 1950043398
Publisher: Archangel Ink
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 264
Language: English