The Huntsman of Alba (Paperback)

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Abducted as a child from his tribe in the New World, Hawk has spent the last fifteen years traveling medieval Europe as a huntsman for hire. All the while, he hopes to find and enact revenge upon the Norsemen raiders who murdered his family. This quest brings him to twelfth century Scotland's Kingdom of Alba where he is propositioned by the king. In exchange for slaying a mysterious beast, the king will share information about Hawk's kidnappers.

Hawk's epic journey begins. He joins forces with a mysterious noblewoman, a chivalrous knight, and a witty and fearless warrior named M rag-all of whom seek the evil Norsemen. But as the kingdom falls apart at the hands of warring clans and his companions' secret pasts threaten their quest and their lives, Hawk becomes ever more determined to not let his hunt for revenge fail.

But will his resolve aid him in his mission, or will vengeance blind him from what is truly important?

Written by renowned fantasy author Dr. Doug Chapman, The Huntsman of Alba is the first installation of the Huntsman of Alba series.

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ISBN: 9781959958031
ISBN-10: 1959958038
Publisher: Tiree Publishing House LLC
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 340
Language: English