16 Topics On How You Can Help The Planet In Your Everyday Life (Paperback)

16 Topics On How You Can Help The Planet In Your Everyday Life By Teya France Cover Image
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I'm offering this simple handbook to you, full of exceptional ways to make many differences to improve various things on the planet, including Climate Change situations for anyone in the world who wants a reference book of suggestions for anything that can be done to help, regarding all kinds of efforts that many people are trying to make in many places everywhere.
After two years of studying how people can deal with Climate Change and some other issues on the planet as well, such as excess plastic, I found that there are essentially sixteen topics that people might want to cope with this basically in one handbook. 70% of Climate Change emissions are actually issues that are really dealt with by human beings in their everyday life, hence the title, "Everyday Life."
The first topic, "Minimizing Electricity & Household Hints" specifically refers to how most of our climate change emissions are produced through the creation of electricity. Electricity is created by power plants, and vast emissions rise into the sky as electricity is formed and travels to cities and homes everywhere. This electricity is the product that we are all actually responsible for putting out from our homes and businesses, for climate change. This first section discusses how we can put out less electricity from our homes.
I decided to make this handbook of suggestions really easy to follow. The suggestions don't give instructions about what Climate Change is - instead, you just find simple, easy, step by step ways to do things that help. It's easy to go on to the next topic and discover the suggestions of the next topic of How You Can Help The Planet.
The three topics that stand out at the end are "13. The Stormy Times of Climate Change," "14. Dry Weather & Heat Waves," and "15. Forest Fires." These sections give professional preparatory and safety instructions for Climate Change weather conditions. We hope you don't need them, but if you do, we hope they help.

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