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Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That


November 3

11:00 AM

West Portal Branch Public Library

Marcus Ewert

Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That

Mr. Pack Rat is a particularly acquisitive small mammal with a hoarding problem (sound like someone you know?). Through trial and error, he begins to question whether having more things is really the secret to happiness.

Although real life pack rats (genus Neotoma) build large piles of debris to nest in, Mr. Pack Rat isn't satisfied with plain old sticks and leaves. He wants novelty and variety, and--unfortunately for him!--he owns a magical magnet that can summon anything he desires.

Mr. Pack Rat is always on to the next thing. Lovely flowers will brighten up his sticks and leaves... until they wilt. Colorful seashells won't wilt, but they aren't much fun. Games and toys are fun, but only if you have enough room to play with them.

This wry, witty fable from Marcus Ewert, author of 10,000 Dresses, will have the whole family laughing, and, perhaps, learning along the way.

In addition to other writing, Marcus Ewert has worked on children's books since his teens, achieving acclaim with his award-winning books 10,000 Dresses (2008) and Mummy Cat (2015). 10,000 Dresses has been used in schools, churches, and youth groups around the world, as the first children's book featuring a transgender character. A hoarder himself, Marcus wrote his most recent book, Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That, to puzzle out a resolution to his personal hoarding dilemma. Marcus lives in San Francisco, in a beautiful--and de-cluttered--apartment.


Kayla Stark is a freelance illustrator currently living in Nashville, TN. Most of her work is illustrated using a combination of traditional and digital media. She typically incorporates animals and nature into her work one way or another. Kayla's art has been used for a variety of markets, including in children's books and educational materials.


Event date: 
Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 11:00am
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190 Lenox Way
San Francisco, CA 94127
Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That Cover Image
By Marcus Ewert, Kayla Stark (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781946764256
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Published: Plum Blossom - October 30th, 2018