Natasha Pulley: The Half Life of Valery K

Sunday, August 7th, 2022

1:00pm PST

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Bookshop West Portal is incredibily honored to welcome best selling author and staff favorite Natasha Pulley in celebration of her latest book The Half Life of Valery K which releases on July 22nd, 2022. This event is free to attend and will be held virtually on Crowdcast.


From the author of The Watchmaker of Filigree Street and The Kingdoms, an epic Cold War novel set in a mysterious town in Soviet Russia.

In 1963, in a Siberian prison, former nuclear specialist Valery Kolkhanov has mastered what it takes to survive: the right connections to the guards for access to food and cigarettes, the right pair of warm boots, and the right attitude toward the small pleasures of life so he won’t go insane. But one day, all that changes: Valery’s university mentor steps in and sweeps him from the frozen camp to a mysterious unnamed city. It houses a set of nuclear reactors, and surrounding it is a forest so damaged it looks like the trees have rusted from within.
In City 40, Valery is Dr. Kolkhanov once more, and he’s expected to serve out his prison term studying the effect of radiation on local animals. But as Valery begins his work, he is struck by the questions his research raises. Why is there so much radiation in this area? What, exactly, is being hidden from the thousands who live in the town? And if he keeps looking for answers, will he live to serve out his sentence?
Based on real events in a surreal Soviet city, and told with bestselling author Natasha Pulley’s inimitable style, The Half Life of Valery K is a sweeping new adventure for readers of Stuart Turton and Sarah Gailey.



Natasha Pulley is the author of The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, The Bedlam Stacks, The Lost Future of Pepperharrow, and The Kingdoms. She studied English literature at Oxford University and earned a creative writing MA at the University of East Anglia. She lives in Bristol, England.

Event date: 
Sunday, August 7, 2022 - 1:00pm
The Half Life of Valery K By Natasha Pulley Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781635573275
Published: Bloomsbury Publishing - July 26th, 2022