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Literary Series with Diane Frankenstein

Literary Series 2013 with Diane Frankenstein

Class location: BookShop West Portal
Time: 8:30-9 Coffee and Conversation; 9-11 am Book Discussion

The series meets 5 times. Each class will discuss one novel & a short story along with poetry.

There are two San Francisco class sections. Tuesday or Thursday.
Tuesday: December 3 January 14, February 25, April 1, May 13
Thursday: December 5 January 16, February 27, April 3, May 15

Cost of Series: $350.00
Space is limited

If you would like to sign up for the series, please contact Diane at
Once your space in the class has been confirmed, our reading itinerary will be sent to you by email.

Our reading itinerary reflects the following:
~ I believe a novel should ask more questions than it can answer—otherwise the novel is not doing its job.
~ William Faulkner in his 1949 Nobel Prize acceptance speech said the writer's duty is to remind a person of the courage, and honor, and hope, and pride, and compassion, and pity and sacrifice, which have been the glory of our past. Our book selections mirror this sentiment.

"My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read." – Abraham Lincoln

Diane W. Frankenstein, M.A. is the award-winning author of Reading Together: Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read. She holds a Master’s Degree in Literature and Language Arts and works as an educational consultant throughout the United States as well as in Asia and Europe. Reading Together has received both the Library Journal Starred Review and GOLD Mom's Choice Award. Diane teaches both adult and children’s literature.