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Gordion's Knot

  An ancient mystery is reinvented for mind-bending, modern-day fun. Gordian's Knot Brainteaser Challenge from ThinkFun is based on the Gordian knot tied by Midas. The Great Oracles proclaimed that the person who solved the puzzle would rule the world. This colorful knot features six interlocking pieces, but it takes a whopping 69 different moves to take the knot apart. By sliding the six pieces past each other, the Gordian's Knot will come apart. Some pieces will easily move throughout the process, but beware -- that doesn't mean you made the right move.

Game comes with a 40-page, step-by-step solution book in case you get stumped, and helps you put the knot back together once the puzzle is solved.

For one player.

Price: $11.95