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Slinky Dog Pull Toy

SKU: 071547002253

The collector's edition Slinky Dog in retro 1950's style packaging is a family favorite! Slinky Dog is a plastic dog with a slinky for a midsection. This durable dog wags his tail, wiggles his body, sits up and begs or can bite a flea on his leg. It has existed since the 1950s but was popularized by the late Jim Varney's character in Toy Story.

In the film, Slinky is loyal to Sheriff Woody, even when the other toys turn on him following the window incident. Although eventually he, too, loses faith in Woody, he is one of the first to accept that Woody was not the villain the others had made him out to be. In Toy Story 2, Slinky is one of the toys who goes on the mission to rescue Woody. His spring mechanism comes in handy several times throughout the course of the mission.

Slinky Dog squirms right into your heart whether you're a tiny tot or a grown up! Pull cord is attached to Slinky Dog for easy walking. Size (coiled) 7"h x 16"l. Age 18 mos.

Price: $24.95